Finding Music

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“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

You go ahead, let your hair down

Sapphire and faded jeans

I hope you get your dream

Just go ahead, let your hair down

You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow”

Corinne Bailey Rae “Put your Records on”

When I look back, I can actually say that because of math I actually found my love for music. Let me be clear, I hate math! I was never really good at it and it was my biggest struggle growing up.

One year I  got such bad grades in math that my parents actually grounded me from TV for an entire school year. As a child who watched so much TV this was devastating. What about my That So Raven, and my Even Stevens (and many different other Disney shows). I thought I could not live without TV and I did not know what would fill the void in my life at the time.

So the only thing I was able to do was listen to music and that is exactly what I did for that entire school year. When I got bored I would listen to different types of music just to pass the time, and I fell in love with most of the music I heard and TV just wasn’t important to me anymore.

Now I collect Vinyl records and music is something that I can proudly say is the thing I know most facts about, mostly useless facts, but facts. Finding music is what made me find my creative self and it helped me get through that tough time without TV. Now I think if someone grounded me from Music I would maybe lose my mind.

So I can say that my worse subject actually helped my discover things about myself and it helped me find my love for music.

So with all of that being said I learned that with pain can come something beautiful. I also learned that although you may think that you cant live without something or someone, you actually can and you can always get though that hard time and find light at the end of the tunnel (as cliché as that may sound).

That year I discovered music was more than what I heard on the radio was huge for me becoming who I am today. I actually did better in math that year (if you were wondering) and during the summer I got to watch all the TV I wanted even though, thanks to music, I didn’t.



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